Give exclusive discounts and connect with over 80 million students across Nigeria.


Acada Connect is a student discount platform that connects brands and businesses with a vital and growing demographic: STUDENTS.

Our platform provides an affordable way for businesses to acquire customers, drive GMV growth, and other opportunities to engage and build lifetime affinity with future generations in a meaningful way.

At Acada Connect, we believe that building lifetime affinity with students is the key to future success. We’re committed to helping brands and businesses achieve this goal.

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Students see merchants offer on Acada Connect, visits merchants store to make purchase .


Today's students are part of Gen-Z, a generation of ambitious and creative digital natives that are passionate about brands that offer quality, style and innovation that align with their values.

Attract new customers

Student discounts can also help a brand attract new customers who may not have otherwise considered the brand due to its cost or perceived exclusivity.

Greater market reach.

Student discounts can help a brand reach a wider market by appealing to the large population of students.

Increase in sales Realtime.

Student discounts can also drive an increase in sales, as students may be more likely to make a purchase when they see a discount or promotion.

Increased brand awareness.

Offering student discounts can help a brand increase its visibility and awareness among students, who can then spread the word about the brand to their peers.

Increased brand loyalty.

Giving student discounts can help establish brand loyalty among younger consumers, as they are more likely to continue shopping with a brand that offers discounts or perks.

Positive Brand Reputation.

Offering student discounts can help a brand establish a positive reputation among students and the wider community as socially responsible, fair and supportive to students.


Whether you're a startup or a large corporation, our platform can help you connect with this key demographic and gain valuable insights into their purchasing behaviors and preferences.

We'll help you every step of the way.