Your questions answered about Acada Connect

ACADA CONNECT Platform is a student-focused network that helps brands grow awareness and lifetime affinities with students. 


  1. Sign-up by filling this form here
  2. Decide on the attractive discounts, deals, freebies they want to give students on Acada Connect. 
  3. Acada team will contacts you to  setup your store front and uploading your products or services and discount to your storefront.
  4. Acada Connect promotes your offer both online and offline to millions of students across Nigeria. 
  5. Connect with the student market and improve your sales and profits.
  1. Be ready to give exclusive discount, deals, or freebie, on your products or service to students on Acada Connect.
  2. Provide our team with information about your business, your brand logo, and product images and description. 
  3. Start experiencing massive sales in real-time.

Signing up with Acada Connect is absolutely free. The Acada Connect team will help you setup your store front, promote your discount offer for free.

Your business can usually go live on Acada Connect online platform within 5 working days so long as you filled the registration form and send us the required information (you can do all this online, quickly and safely). 

Acada Connect ONLY display and promote partner’s special offers on products and services, and drives customer traffic to your store location to complete transactions. WE DO NOT sell or receive payments on merchant’s behalf.  

In the interim, students must be required by partners to show their valid students ID card to be able to enjoy the discount.

Public and private:

University, Polytechnic, Colleges of Education, Nursing School, Technical School, Military Colleges, National Open University. 

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